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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 5AM  ABC  February 15, 2012 5:00am-5:30am EST

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the latest on repairs to a broken gas line. i am linda so. how long before hundreds of homes get the gas back on. and it's day 8 in the murder trial of a former uva lacrosse player charged with killing his girlfriend. more on what to expect in the courtroom today. also ahead, we are standing by for a big announcement regarding the grand prix today. the new details we have learned overnight about the deal. all that is straight ahead on this wednesday morning. good morning. i am charley crowson. >> i am megan pringle. it's the middle of the week so let's check in with meteorologist lynette charles. >> it's hump day. we made it through monday and tuesday and we are getting up and over the hump. maryland's most powerful radar is nice and dry right now. we are not dealing with precipitation or snow or rain. the rain is on the horizon. i will talk about that a little later. but let's talk about temps this morning because we are well above average now. these temperatures in the 40s is where we should be. this 43, 44 in baltimore coming in right now. this should be the high temperature for the day. we have clouds out there and
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that's what's helping the temperatures to stay up. aberdeen is around 40 degrees. and 37 right now in manchester and the wind not so bad. but they will be out of the northwest and pick up 10 to 15 miles an hour as we go into the afternoon. but lots of sunshine to be had. let's check out your traffic report now with angela. good morning how are the road looking out there. >> reporter: we have yet another trouble spot to report for those of you getting ready to head out in the next few minutes, if you normally travel in parkville on harford road, we have fire activity at harford road and taylor avenue. you may want to head in a different direction especially if your travels includes the busy intersection. let's check the major thorough fares starting with harrisburg expressway. shawan road moving pretty good. no reported troubles from thepennsylvania state line through cockeysville. the top side of 695 in parkville region at harford road, light conditions on inner and outer loop.
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we will update changes regarding the traffic at maryland traffic. back over to you. >> gl baltimore mayor testify -- baltimore mayor stephanie rawlings-blake says she will announce the terms of a five- year deal later today. last year grand prix generated 47 million dollars in economic impact. the city terminated the contract with the organizers against baltimore racing velt theaf failed to pay $1.5 mill -- development after they failed to pay 1.5 million they owed to the city. linda so is live working the phones digging up new information for us. what have you learned. >> reporter: well, we got off the phone with baltimore city schools to find out if frederick elementary will be closed because of this gas outage. they say they will be making that decision within the hour. we will stay on it and keep you posted. we are live at the mobile command center where they have set up shop to get a handle of
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the situation here. this the massive undertaking. we are a block away from where the gas main broke. it's going take several days to make the repairs because what happened was crews were fixing a water line yesterday morning when it broke and hate gas line right next to -- hit a gas line next to it. all gas was shut off to 900 homes and businesses in the area. there's that elementary school and a senior living facility nearby. all without heat this morning. >> you have to physically gain access to the property twice. once to turn the gas off do the repair work to the main and again to go back in and turn the gas back on for those customers if it is safe to do so. >> reporter: and again that's why it's such a tedious process and they set up the command unit because they will be here for several days. if bg crews have not been to your home call 410-685-0123. live in southwest baltimore,
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linda so, abc2 news. it was not alcohol or drugs according to the doctor who performed the autopsy on the native of cockeysville. she died of blunt force trauma to the head. sherrie johnson will tell us what happens today in the courtroom. >> reporter: prosecutors plan to rest the case today. they portrayed huguely as abusive alcohol youth that killed yeardley love. defense attorneys will present their side. they plan to show an image of a naive jock who never meant to hurt love. the latest medical testimony shows the violent killing acording to the doctor who performed the autopsy it was not alcohol or drugs that killed love. she died of blunt force trauma to the head. defense attorneys will say bruising to love's body and brain was from rescuers trying to revive her instead of blunt force trauma. for the next couple days, the defense plans to lessen the impact the testimony of a vicious attack.
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there's no word if huguely will testify in his defense. whitney houston's funeral will be this saturday at the church in new jersey where she was singing in the choir as a child. she died saturday her hotel room in los angeles. authorities have not disclosed a cause of death. toxicology test could take 6 to 8 weeks but police said the coroner's report is expected to be finished sooner. that's in about two to three weeks. flags in new jersey will be flown at half-staff at government buildings on saturday to co-side with the funeral -- coincide with the funeral. governor christie say it's only fitting to honor her as she was cultural icon to the state. get ready for one big cook off with five universities. >> yeah. they are doing it for charities including habitat for eu manity at loyola university in baltimore. >> they will host it from 6 to 8 tonight. $10 to get in and four other universities will be competing. the theme of the competition is movies. that includes charlie and the chocolate factory and harry potter. >> more than 200 are expected
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to attend. the information is on the screen. if you need more details we will post it online at 15 feet of snow is so much snow it's hard to believe the story is true. >> but it's reality for a european country. how people are getting used to so much snowfall. and what is homeownership have to do with attractiveness? apparently, a lot. we will explain coming up. it's dry right now, but we do have some rain in the 7-day forecast. i will tell you when it moves in. >> reporter: and we have a couple lane closures in two different locations. we will try to get alternate routes coming up next. ♪
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now "good morning maryland." 9 minutes after 5. look at this. in romania, nearly 15 feet of snow has fallen in some areas. neighbors are helping to dig each other out of the mess and since the end of january eastern europe has been hit with a record breaking snow. a cold snap and this is the heaviest snowfall in recent
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memory. >> people woke up to a valentine's day surprise and it turned into rain and snow all across parts of arizona. most places got a dusting of snow and others more than an inch versus 15 feet. temperatures are expected to rebound later this week and time for a check of our forecast and lynette you are hinting things could be changing as the days go on here as well. >> that's true. let's start out west where we saw arizona drying out nicely a couple snow showers around the four corners. but as we look further back across california, also into nevada this is a system that is going gather a little strength as it dibs down into northern mention -- dives down into northern mexico hitting the gulf of mexico moisture and we might have the chance. we are seeing snow across area late saturday night into sunday. but for right now, not dealing with any of that. satellite and radar picking up on clouds this morning. but we will get lots of sunshine in here as we go throughout the day. as high pressure builds in. our temperatures right now into ellicott city at 39 degrees. way above average more of the
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same into frederick. 41 and arnold coming in at 38 coat on the kid this morning. let's go back over to charley and megan. all right. do you find yourself saying if i were the boss or if i were in charge i would... >> i do do that anymore. they are -- i don't do that anymore they are the boss for a reason. you are not alone if so. what a study reveals about employees and what they think about the people in charge. there are no other vows more sacrate than these. >> talk about serious wedding jitters. one couple waited half a century to tie the knot. and as we go to break, a live look at baltimore inner harbor. that's the domino sugar sign at locust point shining bright on this wednesday. we are back in a bit.
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now "good morning maryland." 14 minutes after 5. after waiting about 50 years, johnny washington and alice hurd tied the knot valentine's day. >> what took so long? >> listen because a lot of people wondering. they are in their 80s and have been together since they were in their 30s and were supposed
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to get married a few years ago but got nervous. >> why wait 50 years? >> [audio not understandable] >> you know do it when you are readych good for them. they were pushed by their granddaughter to finally get married on the most romantic day of the year and there you have it. they did it. >> here's something that could help spur home sales a real estate company says homeowners could be more attractive 18% of men say they would rather date home owner than a renter. more than a third of women said the same about the male counter perks. master baths and walk in closets are a turn on for both sexs. i owned my house before arianna and i got married and when she moved in, i lost my closet. the whole thing. >> yeah i am being a with that. >> you okay. >> yeah absolutely. >> how picky can you be sm. >>i didn't mind. bad valentine's day can lead to sometimes cheating spouses. >> listen to this. the website for married people
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looking to cheat says that ten times more women will sign up on valentine's day than any other day of the year. >> the website says that it's the biggest day for women to look ford affairs. the site has more than 12 million users and the second most popular day for women is the day after mother's day. >> i should say it's not valentine's day but the day after valentine's day when people sign up. maybe if you didn't get the flowers you want. >> could be. let's check traffic and angela how is it looking? >> we have a couple -- >> reporter: we have a couple troubled spots. you want to take a alternate route. the activity is on harford road at taylor avenue a very busy intersection. you may want to hop on northern parkway that would be a good way to get around or even old harford road. in the meantime, the major roads are look pretty good for those of you commuting through the columbia region. u.s. 29 at maryland 108 is moving well. and, of course, our first look at u.s. 50 this morning this is
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at maryland 8 just past the chesapeake bay bridge. all lanes are opened and moving well across the bridge this morning. over to you. all right. [audio not understandable] >> i think it's me. >> oh, it is. sorry let's get a check on the forecast. >> no problem. let's talk about what's going on because we do have clouds out there this morning. most of the precipitation the unsettled weather is off towards the north and east. you are getting rain and snow across the area. but we will start to see sunshine moving in here as we go into the afternoon as high pressure does its things. it slides off towards the east here and it won't last long though because we will have another system work its way in here. an area of low pressure associated with the cold front is going to slide in here by tomorrow and with that, we will have a chance for rain showers. but in the meantime, we are looking at that northwesterly flow. and as we go throughout the day, that's going to be picking up the winds as we go into the afternoon i say about 10 to 15 miles an hour and it will be breezy. the temperatures i am forecasting which i will show you in a second will feel
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chillier. future trend picking up on the clouds this morning. but also, picking up on the rain that's poised to move in as we go into your thursday. you can see it an all rain event but further to the north they are going to be getting snow in northern pennsylvania and also into new york. this slides off and then we will dry out as we head into friday. a much better day before that potential system works its way in for the weekend. temperatures coming in at 53 degrees but with the wind that i talked about from the northwest today, it will feel chillier than that. yesterday, we were out of the southwest and it bumped the temperatures up. yesterday we came in at about 56 degrees. and i think we will be a little cooler today due to the flow of the wind. yesterday, southwesterly winds. today, a northwesterly wind a chillier waned we will be feeling that. tonight, that temperature coming in right around 35 degrees. and increasing clouds and it will be chilly outside. tomorrow's forecast comes in around 49 degrees with rain likely but it will be mild. here's a check of the seven-day
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forecast as we have the potential on sunday watching very carefully. let's head over now to megan and charley. >> let's hit the health news a good night's sleep can go a long way to a better life. but not just how you age. the amount of quality sleep may affect your memory later in life. a study shows people who woke up more than 5 times per hour were likely to have a plaque buildup associated with alzheimer's disease. >> you need sufficient sleep such as good 7 to 8 hours of sleep and if for whatever reason you are not getting that, we are finding more concrete evidence your memory is being affected. >> researchers say more research is needed to substance ate the link between a lack of -- substance ate the -- substance eight the --ate a lack of --substancate a link between lack of sleep and thinking. a study says that 20 social drinkers watched an animateed film and given enough alcohol
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to reach the point 075bac or blood alcohol content and created creative problem solving tasks and those who drank had an easier problem solving the problem than sober counterparts. a gag gift is considered good. and what foster knew about this. she has been putting chia spet pet seeds in her smoothies for a while. the seeds claim to provide fiber and can be a substitute as a whole grain, too. the seed are sprouting up all over the country and it can be found in gnc and whole foods. all right. my friend, do you like twinkies? well, the people who make the snacks they may go on strike. this is not my twinkie for the record. workers who make twinkies and hoho and wonder bread threatened to strike if hostess brands impose wage cuts and hostess filed for chapter 11
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bankruptcy in january. but the company owes 800 million dollars. the hearing is set is for march 5th on proposed collective bargins contest. if the judges lets them cut the contract they will walk off the job. that's the twinkie signature on your desk. >> october or november i think born on date was november 16th. this is a science experiment. when was the last time you had a twinkie? >>i don't think i ever had one. >> bite your tongue. >> i never have and i am not starting with that one. >> no. this one shrunk gotten hard and the bag has begun inflating. we will move that over there. >> all right. good idea. >> how well does your boss do his or her job. >> if you are like most people you think you can do it better. nearly half workers say they could do the boss's job and do it better. one in three don't think the boss is is effective and fewer than 40% believe the supervisors inspire or motivate them to do their best. the big part of the employers
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-- employees gripe is the boss just doesn't listen. >> all right. you may shoot them when you are playing the game angry birds. >> but now you can friend them. so, get ready to click the like button on this story. >> mexico top security official says the u.s. is blowing things out of proportion saying it is safe to travel south of the border. what both sides are saying. details ahead.
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news around the worlda iran state television reported that president ahmadinejad will unveil new nuclear projects on wednesday will likely include the enrichment sight in central iran. the president is likely to announce the final stage of production of nuclear fuel rods to be used in at the ran as -- tehran as a rye research reactor. the u.s. travel warningcovering mexico a state isridiculous and out of proportion. he says millions visit without incident and that is live look
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right now in guadalajara. the state department issued a updated travel warning because of update -- because of violence that killed more than 100,000 people since 2006. an toil pipeline in the central city -- an oil pipeline in the sen tray trail city has -- central silly has been -- central city has been hit. video shows thick black smoke smoke and you see it billowing from a rest -- smoke and you see it billowing from a residence area. that's the home of two syrian's oil refineries. it is played by millions every day. an angry bird has gone to facebook. the launch is held in the indonesia capital of jakarta which is said tonight most facebook connected city. valentine's day event was anticipated. do you have it. >> no. i don't. my husband loved it. >> neither do i, though.
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all right. it can be a common complaint among neighbors. keep your dog out of my yard. >> what happened in philadelphia is tragic. what police are saying about a deadly situation taking place between neighbors. and authorities are looking for this man. they say he committed a crime at the airport and is not accused of smuggling anything but taking something out. temperatures are about 10 to 15 degrees above average for today. but cooler air is on the way. details coming up. >> reporter: on the roads a couple closures for you with all the irknit -- alternates we are putting in place. key routes not too bad right now. now let's go ahead up to new york for the latest business news. >> reporter: good morning. topping mark money a good year for -- america's money ark good year for airlines. -- america's airlines. baggage performance was the best on record and 99.7% was delivered on time. the maker of anticancer drug
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avastin says counterfeits are being distribe in the u.s. and they don't contain key ingredients. company says it should be easy to spot the bogus paggages. fda found lead in 400 shades of lipstick but says there's no safety risk and no need tore limits on how much is allowed in lipsticks a consumer group says it's time to get it out. and for skiers who want a jolt of joe without having to take off the skis, there's a ski through starbucks on a mountain in squaw valley california giving new meaning to getting coffee on the go. that's america's money. i am rob nelson.
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now "good morning maryland." we have all new information this morning on the gas main break


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